Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mexican Taco/Burrito Meat

Tonight I fell back on an easy favorite of mine: Mexican food. This isn't so much of a specific recipe as it is general things that I have done. This is a healthy meal if made correctly.

The Meat
1. Brown lean ground turkey in a large skillet (I prefer 93/7 or 99). Drain fat off of the meat (with 99 you'll think there isn't anything there, but try drainingt anyways. You might be surprised).
2. Add chopped onion, mushroom, and a little dribble of salsa to taste (tonight I added a can of low sodium black beans to the meat, though I normally add them straight to the burrito/taco/salad).
3. Sprinkle in cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. I like to add a lot of garlic powder because garlic is pretty good for you. Well, and I just really like garlic. These seasonings should be added to taste, meaning however much you prefer. DO NOT add salt as your body really doesn't need any more sodium than it gets through your food as it is.
4. Keep on medium heat until everything is thoroughly mixed and hot.

Putting it together
Some nights I like a burrito, some nights I like a quesadilla, and some nights I even like a salad. Whatever your preference is, keep your additions healthy. Here are mine:
1. Low sodium canned corn or defrosted frozen corn (frozen is healthier). Only one spoonful.
2. A 1/4 of an avocado. Avocados have vitamins and healthy fats and are a good addition to your diet.
3. Light or fat-free sour cream (do not use original sour cream as there are lots of calories and fat).
4. Black beans (if you did not add them into the meat) or black refried beans. Black refried beans have better nutritional facts than regular refried. I like to use vegetarian, as well, because the original style has pork fat added. You can also use dried black beans instead of canned which will remove the sodium aspect as well as remove any potential BPA absorption from the can.
5. 2% shredded Mexican Cheese blend. You can shred your own, but I like to buy it in pre-shredded bags because it's easier and quicker.
6. Salsa or fresh tomatoes. If you choose salsa, make sure to review the nutrition facts on the jar prior to buying. Fresh tomatoes are a healthier option.
7. Black olives.

I always use La Tortilla Factory hand-made white corn tortillas. They are a bit smaller than flour or whole wheat tortillas which means that I put less on/in them. I find that the bigger the tortilla, the more I stuff it full of tasty things, but I also tend to eat beyond my "full" point.

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